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Medik8® Retinol 3 TR Night Serum


The most gentle retinol product in the Medik8 range.

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This rich, fast absorbing vitamin A serum helps replenish moisture and essential vitamins into the skin at night- the time it needs it most. It stimulates healthier production of collagen and elastin and increases levels of epidermal hyaluronic acid, which significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in problem areas. The serum also helps even texture and tone and provides a more youthful appearance on the skin.

Directions for use

Use twice a week for first 2 weeks, every other day for next 2 weeks then every day. After cleansing in evening, apply 4 drops of product directly onto face. Alternatively, place a drop on finger and blend into skin. Leave to absorb before applying moisturiser.

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About Medik8®


Proud To Be BritishMedik8® is an award-winning global skincare brand sold exclusively by skincare experts, pioneering the trend for results-based products. Medik8’s foundations are deep-rooted in science with products specifically formulated to target skin ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness and their unique approach earns them recommendations from leading skincare professionals worldwide.


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