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Gatineau Vitamina Hand Cream


A protective, anti-ageing hand cream ideal for everyday use. Janis’ favourite!

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A rich nourishing protective hand cream containing collagen to moisturise and soften the skin, vitamin E for anti free radicals, and AHA derivatives to smooth the skin through its micro-peeling action.

How to use

Massage a small amount into the backs of the hands working from fingertips to wrists. Apply several times a day.


The hands are protected; the skin feels soft and well-moisturised. We recommend you exfoliate every couple of days during the winter to help the hand cream to be more absorbent.

Client favourite!

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About Gatineau


This high–tech, problem–solving skincare range has made a difference to so many women worldwide. Dating back to 1932, when Jeanne Gatineau bought her first beauty salon in Paris, some of her first beauty products continue to be popular today.


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