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IPL Laser and Dermalux LED for redness, red veins, rosacea, acne & pigmentation; Medik8® Skin Peels; Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra; Electrolysis and Skin Tags, in London.

137 Kirkdale, Sydenham, London SE26 4QJ

020 8699 1998 info@jhskincareclinic.co.uk

We are a close-contact clinic, so we’ll continue to wear PPE during treatment times, and will manage the flow of clients throughout the clinic. On arrival we’ll spray your hands, and will ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room. We will always decontaminate and ventilate the treatment rooms between clients. For all IPL Laser and Dermalux LED treatments, Medik8®, Skin Peels and Minor Cosmetic treatments, please use our online booking system, or call the clinic on 020 8699 1998. For Gift Vouchers or products, please use our online shop, or call in - we’d love to see you!

Thank you as ever for supporting us.
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After Care for Minor Cosmetics

First and foremost, please ensure that you keep the treated area meticulously clean and dry for the first 48 hours post treatment.

Including Milia, Skin Tag, Morgan de Campbell, Seborrhoeic Wart, Warts and Veruccas

Following your treatment you may experience:

  • Reddening, swelling and sensitivity of the skin in the area for up to 48 hours
  • The treated area and surrounding skin may feel hot for up to 48 hours
  • Pin dot crusting in the area that has been treated or small scabs may appear
  • The skin may itch as the healing process takes place

However, some skins may experience some of the above reactions for longer as we all have different rates of healing.

Following treatment, ensure that you adhere to the client after care advice to avoid unwanted reactions or infections:

Pin dot crusts or scabs may appear to seal the skin and prevent infection.  These must not be prematurely rubbed or picked off, as to do so may result in scarring.  The crusts or scabs may be indistinguishable and “felt” rather than “seen”.

  • Do not touch, rub or irritate the treated area.  When washing and cleansing, use a gentle soap or perfume free cleanser and gently pat the area dry to avoid dislodging any crusts or scabs.
  • Avoid activities for 48 hours that stimulate blood flow following vascular treatments, e.g. exercise, hot showers, hot baths, hot spicy foods and alcohol.
  • Avoid activities for 48 hours that may irritate or dislodge any crusting or minor scabbing, e.g. swimming, saunas, steam rooms, facial steaming, facial scrubs, waxing and other skin care treatments, until the area has completely healed.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours.
  • Avoid the possible causes of vascular blemishes, for example, wearing tight fitting glasses, squeezing spots, careless or erratic tweezing or blowing the nose too vigorously.
  • Avoid using any possible skin sensitizer or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products and perfumed body lotions.
  • Do not fly within the next 48 hours following a vascular treatment.
  • Please keep out of UV light completely during the healing process and as much as possible generally.  Cover up with a hat and protect your with our award winning SPF 30 at all times, particularly in the summer months.

Should you have any concerns regarding your treatment please contact the Clinic.