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Breast Cancer Care

We are a close-contact clinic, and the wearing of a mask has been essential during the pandemic. Protecting and respecting each other is important so we'll continue to follow our COVID-19 Clinic Check List, wear our FFP2 or FFP3 masks and visors whilst in treatment and reception, and ask clients to wear their masks whilst visiting us. We'll continue testing 2-3 times a week, making safety our absolute priority, and we'll update via Social Media. For all Virtual Consultations for IPL Laser treatments, Medik8® Skin Peels and Minor Cosmetic treatments, please use our online booking system. For Gift Vouchers or products, please use our online shop.

Thank you as ever for supporting us.

Love always, Janis.

After Care for Waxing

First and foremost, please ensure that you keep the treated area meticulously clean and dry for the first 48 hours post treatment.

The Clinic’s recommendations for the first 24 hours after treatment

  • Apply Aloe Gel regularly to the treated area this will soothe, calm and re hydrate the skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight restrictive clothing (i.e. leggings, tights, and jeans) over the waxed area for 24 hours. A clean loose cotton shirt is always best worn after chest or back waxing.
  • Avoid heat ultraviolet treatments and hot baths for 24 hours following treatment.
  • Avoid touching or scratching the area to avoid infecting the open follicles.
  • Avoid clubbing, gyms, exercise, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas, self-tanning products, body lotions, soaps, deodorants, anti-perspirant, perfumes, talcum powder and make-up on the treated area.Also, avoid exfoliating creams and loofahs.
  • Protect your skin from UVA and UVB. Do not expose the waxed area to a sunbed treatment or direct sunlight, or use solariums or saunas as sweat can infect open follicles and heat can irritate the area.
  • A bath or shower may irritate the skin during the first 24 hours. On the day of your treatment and as close as possible to your treatment time, we recommend you shower and exfoliate the skin before your wax treatment.
  • Redness and tingling of the skin is normal to experience after waxing, however if this redness and irritation does not disappear within 48 hours or any skin problems post treatment please contact the Clinic 0208 699 1998 or www.jhskincareclinic.co.uk
  • For clients previously shaving over a long period of time; after your first and second wax treatments there will be a re-growth of old shaved hair during the next couple of weeks due to the old shaved hair still growing through.
  • For in-growing hairs exfoliate every 4-7 days with our body scrub, starting 2–3 days after the wax treatment followed by moisturising with our AHA body lotion.

Planning treatments

For maintenance, we advise our clients plan their treatments as follows:

  • Body waxing approx. 4-6 weeks
  • Facial waxing approx. 3-4 weeks
Repeat planning of treatments will vary according to the natural hair growth cycle, hormones, and client requirements, if you are going on holiday please plan your treatments two days before, this gives the skin time to settle and the follicles to close.
Image of leg waxing in action

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