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137 Kirkdale, Sydenham, London SE26 4QJ

T: 020 8699 1998
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Breast Cancer Care

For all our safety, we have decided to close our clinic and will be back when it is safe for us all to be in contact again.

If you have treatments already planned with us, we would love to see you at a later date so please call to reschedule: 07973 138 768.

If you would like to purchase home care products, please use our online shop or alternatively, call: 07973 138 768.

Please stay safe and calm in your home and practice social distance of at least 2 metres in order to save lives.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hands and Feet Treatments

Frequency of Treatments: 4-6 weeks

Treatment Time Price
Jessica Geleration Manicure  1 hr £47.50
Jessica Geleration Manicure and Removal  1¼ hr £61.00
Jessica Geleration French Manicure  1 hr £55.00
Jessica Geleration Pedicure  1 hr £62.50
Jessica Geleration Pedicure and Removal  1¼ hr £74.00
Jessica Manicure  1 hr  £43.50
Jessica Luxury Manicure with Heated Mittens and Hand Treatment  1¼ hr  £47.00
Zen Spa Pedicure  1 hr  £59.00

Following our recommended homecare our pedicures often last a month


Image of feet treatment