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Following the government guidelines and whether you have received your first or second vaccination, we’ll continue to follow our COVID-19 Clinic Check List and wear the appropriate PPE whilst you visit the Clinic for your treatments. For all Virtual Consultations for IPL Laser treatments, Medik8® Skin Peels and Minor Cosmetic treatments, please use our online booking system or call the clinic: 020 8699 1998. We will continue to update you via Social Media and email.

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Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage


The Treatment

A truly pampering full body treatment using the natural benefits of recycled Tiger Clam Shells combined with specialised massage techniques, this combination leaves the client feeling relaxed, soothed and uplifted.

How the treatment works

Two sachets are mixed together, a dry sachet containing minerals of Magnesium and Iron mixed with absorptive powders and a sachet of saline solution – the activator. They are mixed together then poured into the shell which forms the exothermic reaction creating the heat within the shell; these heated shells remain warm through out the entire massage treatment. The smooth shells are expertly glided over the body with varying pressures and specialised techniques by the therapist.

The Benefits

Increased blood flow and removal of toxins within the cells, relaxation of sore, achy muscles, stubborn knots are broken down giving stress relief. A deeper massage as the heat allows a deeper therapy to the muscles in a shorter amount of time. Also, for specific achy areas such as shoulders the Lava Shell Massage treatment can be tailor-made to accommodate the client’s specific needs. These benefits all give a general well being and relaxation to the client.

1¼ hour Lava Shell Full Body Massage: £83.00

A seriously stress busting experience – amazing!
A deep healing and wonderfully sensual massage, Lava Shell treatment is one of the very best.

Press coverage

Families South East article

JH Skincare Clinic’s offering of this amazing treatment was recently featured in Families South East magazine. Click the thumbnail to view the page (will download a PDF file.)