JH Skincare Clinic

IPL Laser and Dermalux LED for redness, red veins, rosacea, acne & pigmentation; Medik8® Skin Peels; Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra; Electrolysis and Skin Tags, in London.

137 Kirkdale, Sydenham, London SE26 4QJ

020 8699 1998 info@jhskincareclinic.co.uk

We are a close-contact clinic, so we’ll continue to wear PPE during treatment times, and will manage the flow of clients throughout the clinic. On arrival we’ll spray your hands, and will ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room. We will always decontaminate and ventilate the treatment rooms between clients. For all IPL Laser and Dermalux LED treatments, Medik8®, Skin Peels and Minor Cosmetic treatments, please use our online booking system, or call the clinic on 020 8699 1998. For Gift Vouchers or products, please use our online shop, or call in - we’d love to see you!

Thank you as ever for supporting us.
Love always, Janis.

Clinic Information

JH Skincare Clinic

Janis Hendrickson

Janis Hendrickson

Owner of JH Skincare Clinic

UK Gatineau Elite Therapist Award 2011 – Winner Special Recognition Award
Award 2011 – Finalist
Award 2008 – Finalist
Award 2007 – Finalist
Award 2006 – Finalist


The constant distraction of virtual life all stretch the limits or our attention and many of our clients value silence to help find an inner calmness for both the physical and psychological benefits during their treatments. We’ve realised our clients want it and need it, although it is not enforced, so this is why we’ve decided not to play music in the treatment rooms, but you will still hear the soft, soothing humming from the STEREX machine in the background. However, on arrival and departure, you will always hear beautiful classical music playing in reception.

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Babies and Children

To maintain the ambience and professionalism of the Clinic, and to respect other clients’ relaxation time, you are kindly requested not to bring babies and children into the Clinic. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Normal Business Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 01:00pm – 7.30pm*
Wednesday 12.00pm – 7.30pm
Thursday 10.00am – 7.30pm
Friday 09.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 09:00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 01:00pm – 5.30pm

* Tuesday hours subject to change
* without prior notice.


Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy: We are a busy, time sensitive business. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly please notify us 48 hours before your intended appointment or full payment of the treatment will be charged. Clients who cancel or reschedule their appointments twice or more will be asked to pay for their treatments in advance.

Mobile Phones: To maintain the ambience of the clinic, and to respect other clients’ treatment time, please ensure your mobile phone is switched off before you arrive.

Food & Drink: To maintain the ambience and aroma of the clinic, and to respect other clients’ treatment time, you are kindly requested not to bring with you any food and drink, in particular coffee. On arrival, you will always be offered a selection of our award-winning Birchall herbal and fruit teas.

Appointments: We ask that you always allow enough time for your appointment and arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Please note that, as a courtesy to all our clients, a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to, and late appointments may not be honoured.

JH Skincare Clinic

Janis Hendrickson

Janis Hendrickson

Owner of JH Skincare Clinic

UK Gatineau Elite Therapist Award 2011 – Winner Special Recognition Award
Award 2011 – Finalist
Award 2008 – Finalist
Award 2007 – Finalist
Award 2006 – Finalist

Having previously nursed in New Zealand where I often encountered numerous skin cancers and melanomas, I am passionate about sun damage, pigmentation, and affects of sun ageing on skin. Working with a high end Cosmeceutical product range from Elizabeth Arden PRO and Dermalux to treat a lot of pigmentation problems as a result of formative sun damage and hormonal influences, in conjunction with teaching receptive clients’ consistency with their homecare, and combined with professional clinic treatments, the skin is often transformed. The same also applies to working with clients who suffer from acne, especially when linked with Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Dermalux to help with the inflammation and draining of stagnant Lymph and toxins within the skin. Delivering results to the client is what really matters and to see the clients’ confidence return is always wonderful too.

I also enjoy minor cosmetic treatments and in particular, Electrolysis, as I am very aware of the psychological impact of a woman having unwanted hair on her face or body, and how devastating this can often be for her self esteem. Electrolysis truly delivers and the client’s confidence returns, which is always lovely to see, and above all else, the unwanted hair is permanently gone.

Away from the clinic, I’m happiest at home where I love baking, cooking and having family and friends over. I also enjoy reading and walking, attending ballet performances, cinema and art exhibitions, where I can constantly train my eye and learn about colour, symmetry and beauty.

Janis Hendrickson


“I contacted JH Skincare Clinic about a number of skin tags on my neck that were visible and irritating. They were able to quickly and efficiently remove all of them without any fuss. Not only that, they insisted on looking for more that I wasn't aware of and remove them too during the treatment time. This was wonderful as they were gone before they became too big and possibly painful when they can sometimes be irritating and rub onto clothes and necklaces. I was given excellent advice about aftercare. All treated in a quiet calm and very clean clinic. I would definitely recommend JH Skincare.”

TS, Crofton Park

“I started treatments at JH Skincare Clinic for Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra in June 2016 after some research through their website. My experience at JH Skincare Clinic has been wonderful. The environment was clean, beautiful and relaxing. On arrival I met with Janis who made me feel welcomed. I was offered different selections of herbal and fruit teas which has a calming effect after drinking. The whole procedures was explained in an understanding manner. During my treatments, Janis used electrical current to cauterise the blood flow to the lesions allowing the lesions to be removed at the time of treatments. Post treatment, my skin looked red, swollen and felt warm initially. My skin was kept sterile during the treatments. I have no scarring at all as I followed the after care advice given to me by Janis. After few courses of treatments to my face and neck my skin has since been cleared and returned to normal, giving me a radiant skin tone. I really love my skin now, thanks to JH Skincare Clinic and I highly recommend JH Skincare Clinic for potential clients. ”

Ola, Thamesmead, London

“I have been a client of JH Skincare Clinic since 2005. As a “novice” to the world of skincare clinics Janis and Keeley put me at my ease right from the start and I have had a variety of treatments over the years – from routine eyebrow shapes, waxing, Gel pedicures, and Gel manicures, to more advanced results driven Elizabeth Arden PRO 30% AHA Peel,  Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Electrolysis.  All of which are carried out professionally, efficiently and in a soothing and relaxing setting. (I am pleased to say that mobile phones are banned!). Janis, Keeley and staff are always very knowledgeable about the latest skincare products and treatments and endeavour to pass on information about these both verbally and via leaflets without being pushy or intrusive - this is a delicate balance in a business like theirs but they manage to pull it off with aplomb! It is always a pleasure to attend my appointments at JH Skincare Clinic and I invariably leave feeling well-groomed, pampered and refreshed and I would warmly recommend this clinic to any prospective clients.”

EG, West Norwood

“I have been a regular customer at JH Skincare for over 15 years and have had various treatments over these years. What really makes them stand out is exceptional standard of care and attention they give to their clients and their needs! At very competitive rates, they spend much more time looking after their clients than you would expect from other skin clinics. After treatments, I always feel pampered and relaxed, and the excellent results give a boost to my confidence at work and at social occasions.”

Sajid Ali, Dulwich

“When I first walked through the door of JH I couldn’t believe that such an expertly run clinic existed outside of Central London. Janis and Keeley have been taking excellent care of me and my skin for over 4 years now. Through two pregnancies and the aftermath, they have helped me a with a variety of skin problems including expert removal of Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra and help with dark patches on my skin. Janis’s experience as nurse definitely shows through in her standards of hygiene and expertise with medical equipment. Keeley is an especially kind and gentle expert therapist who always helps me relax from my busy life as a working person and mother.”

Mrs. M T, Sydenham

“Janis, Keeley and Agnes are a highly professional, knowledgeable and customer-focused team. It is always a pleasure going for a treatment or to buy their gorgeous products and being so warmly greeted and taken care of. As well as providing a luxurious and calming experience in the clinc, they also offer highly trustworthy skincare expertise. I have personally seen a dramatic improvement in the health of my skin since I started attending a course of treatments and following their expert advice. I had previously suffered with acne Roseacea which I found quite upsetting at times and had tried lots of creams and consulted the doctor with no positive results. Now any outbreaks are rare and minor – I am very grateful to the team at JH Skincare for helping me find treatments and products that suit me well and enjoy beautiful, clear skin.”


“I’ve been visiting Janis and Keeley since shortly after JH opened in Kirkdale. I’ve been pummelled and pampered, treated from head to toe (Indian head massage to pedicure) and I have always left feeling calmer, relaxed and ready to face what the world brings on. This has been even more important this year after a diagnosis of breast cancer. The drugs I am taking have encouraged the growth of a (small) moustache and beard which have been dealt with by electrolysis. Not as pleasant as any of their other treatments, but how nice to walk out feeling less spiky! So far, the electrolysis is winning. Fewer hairs are growing back and those that were really tough are coming back finer and less visible. As a result, I always leave JH feeling a little more like a refreshed version of the ‘old’ pre-cancer treatment me. And this doesn’t even take into account the personal support that Janis and Keeley have given me throughout this tough period. Even the design of JH leaves one feeling calmer, helped by the wonderful choice of teas on arrival and departure. And, of course, not forgetting Janis’s wonderful cakes on special occasions.”


“I discovered JH Skincare 2 years ago and, from initial testing (minor appointments), clinic visits became part of my lifestyle. The JH team is nothing but professional, yet friendly and very human and you receive top notch service no matter how minor or extensive your treatment is, because they are passionate about the work they do. JH also supply great quality products and always do their best to make sure your skin loves the care too. Quite frankly, I would go there every day if I could, just for that “feel great” experience. In addition to regular appointments my personal favourites are seasonal offers, venues accompanying these, quality tea, occasional special treats and never missing warm smiles from all team. If you read this far and still contemplating, then stop right here and try it too!”


“I’ve been coming to JH Skincare for years, since stumbling across them in Upland Road, East Dulwich. It’s such a friendly clinic with a lovely, calm atmosphere that makes you feel special the minute you walk through the door; I feel like I’m the only person who matters. Janis and Keeley are both so professional and considerate, the epitome of calm, and give clear, dispassionate advice on a range of skin care options. The number of treatments available means there is something for everyone, and whether you have a regular treatment plan or go for a one-off treatment to reward yourself, you come away feeling relaxed and well looked after. I really enjoy the times I spend being pampered and cared for by Janis and Keeley.”

SW, Sydenham

“JH Skincare is excellent. Janis and Keeley set the benchmark for professionalism and are very welcoming. The top treatments are the facials – unhurried, tailored to your skin and give conspicuous results. The manicure is first-rate, it lasts for weeks. The ladies are also proficient in a full range of the routine maintenance; their experience really shows here, you will be in safe hands.The clinic’s atmosphere is very calm and it maintains high standards. The treatments are brought up to date regularly but are not faddy – no feet eating fish here.”

DB, Sydenham

“I have been coming to JH Skincare for years as I value their highly professional attitude and their excellent treatments all in a very welcoming, calm ambience. I look forward to my appointments – so relaxing in these busy times!”

PL, East Dulwich

“I have every confidence in the impeccable service at JH Skincare Clinic – realistic treatment plans, achievable goals and “REAL” and lasting results. Thanks to Janis and Keeley I have renewed self esteem… and fabulous eyebrows!”

Jo, Sydenham

“I’ve been a happy customer of JH Skincare for two years now and really appreciate the benefits of my regular visits to this clinic. JH Skincare offer the whole spectrum of treatments and indulgences you’d expect from a well run clinic. For me in particular their wonderful facials and deep soothing massages are a godsend. As a hard working individual the salon serves as a place that helps me replenish what is so often drawn out of a person by an inevitably busy lifestyle. Janis who owns and runs the clinic, always takes time to listen and does what is best for the clients. Whether I’m at the clinic for my regular treatments or there purely for advice I’m never disappointed with whatever recommendation Janis makes. Be it treatments or products, the results are always first class. I would happily recommend JH skin care for anybody who believes in giving something back to themselves.”

Rosemina Veiga-Pires

“I have been a regular client at JH Skincare Clinic for almost two years now, and I can’t praise it highly enough. Janis and Keeley are both exceptionally proficient and professional therapists. I have had various treatments and I have always come away extremely pleased with the results. More importantly, there is a wonderfully calm atmosphere there and no mater what mood or troubles you arrive with, as soon as you walk through the door you are made to feel welcome and relaxed. As a working single mum of three demanding boys I don’t get very much time to myself, and I have often arrived at JH Skincare Clinic feeling tired and frazzled. Both Janis and Keeley have that amazing ability to make you feel very special from the minute you walk in. And apart from being wonderful at what they do, they are two of the loveliest people I know. So if you want a treatment, to feel really pampered and cared for, or if you just feel like you want cheering up in beautiful surroundings, take yourself down to JH Skincare Clinic… You’ll never look back.”

Emma Ferguson

“I have been a client of JH Skin Care for over ten years and cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the service I have received. Janis and Keeley are always courteous, efficient, engaging and highly professional. I have had a wide range of treatments over the years and have never once been anything but 100% delighted with them. I trust them to advise me and would never go anywhere else for skin care treatments and products. They have also advised my daughter who has equally been very impressed with the fantastic service and advice.”

Professor Alisoun Milne

“As a client for more than ten years, I still look forward to my sessions at JH Skincare. Not only are the treatments expertly delivered, the products are excellent and the ambience lovely.”

JB, Forest Hill