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Breast Cancer Care

For all our safety, we have decided to close our clinic and will be back when it is safe for us all to be in contact again.

If you have treatments already planned with us, we would love to see you at a later date so please call to reschedule: 07973 138 768.

If you would like to purchase home care products, please use our online shop or alternatively, call: 07973 138 768.

Please stay safe and calm in your home and practice social distance of at least 2 metres in order to save lives.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

IPL Price List

Hair Removal

WomenTimeSingleCourse of 4Course of 6
Upper Body    
    Under Arm ¼ hr £75£265£400
    Full Arm¾ hr£160£590£840*
    Half Arm½ hr£105£400£590*
    Hands & Fingers¼ hr£50£160£260
    Nipple¼ hr£40£120£180
Lower Body    
    Top Leg¾ hr£160£600£840*
    Half Leg (lower leg)¾ hr£135£490£760*
    Full Leg1 hr£240£850£1150*
    Bikini¼ hr£75£265£400
    High Bikini½ hr£90£300£500
    Buttocks½ hr£120£450£680*
    Navel to Pubis ¼ hr£40£135£200
    Feet & Toes¼ hr£45£150£240
    Lip¼ hr£45£160£230
    Chin¼ hr£50£165£270
    Lip & Chin½ hr£70£260£380
    Centre Brow or Earlobes¼ hr£40£160£230
    Sides¼ hr£50£190£300
    Neck ½ hr£90£370£520
    Full Face ¾ hr£130£450£630*
    Half Face½ hr£90£340£520
    Hairline¼ hr£60£230£350
MenTime SingleCourse of 4Course of 6
Shoulders & Tops of Arms¾ hr£120£450£625
Full Back & Neck1 hr£180£680£960*
Upper Back & Shoulders¾ hr£170£630£955*
Lower Back½ hr£125£465£625
Chest½ hr£125£440£600
Beard½ hr£95£380£540

Skin Treatments

Red Veins/Redness/RosaceaTimeSingleCourse of 3 
Single Lesion¼ hr£70£185 
Cheeks¼ hr£99£230 
Cheeks and Nose¼ hr£105£290 
Half Face½ hr£155£405 
Full Face ½ hr£190£500 
Full Face and Neck¾ hr£230£620* 
Full Face and Neck and Chest1 hr£260£700* 
Chest ½ hr£150£400 
Pigmentation/Age Spots/Sun Damage/Skin RejuvenationTimeSingleCourse of 3 
Half Face¼ hr£120£345 
Full Face½ hr£180£500 
Full Face and Neck¾ hr£185£520 
Full Face Neck and Chest 1 hr£300£580* 
Neck½ hr£150£400 
Chest½ hr£170£480 
Hands¼ hr£120£340 
Hands and Arms½ hr£160£460 
AcneTimeSingleCourse of 3Course of 6
Half Face ½ hr£75£205£425
Full Face ¾ hr£140£420£800*
Shoulders½ hr£125£360£700*
Chest ½ hr£125£360£700*

* Payment plans are available for these treatment courses.

Initial Consultation

All clients new to IPL Laser treatments at the clinic must have a one-off Initial Consultation with Patch Test before treatment can commence. This applies to all clients, regardless of them having had IPL treatments at a previous practice.

Introductory Offer

Book a course of treatments and your Initial Consultation with Patch Test is FREE.

To plan your Initial Consultation with Patch Test, simply click through to our online booking system here:

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