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The health and well-being of our employees and clients is a priority, we look forward to giving you a fabulous treatment within a COVID-19 safe environment. For further information, and our important Covid Clinic Checklist, please see our COVID-19 Information page.

IPL Price List

Hair Removal

WomenTimeSingleCourse of 4Course of 6
Upper Body    
    Under Arm ¼ hr £75£265£400
    Full Arm¾ hr£160£590£840*
    Half Arm½ hr£105£400£590*
    Hands & Fingers¼ hr£50£160£260
    Nipple¼ hr£40£120£180
Lower Body    
    Top Leg¾ hr£160£600£840*
    Half Leg (lower leg)¾ hr£135£490£760*
    Full Leg1 hr£240£850£1150*
    Bikini¼ hr£75£265£400
    High Bikini½ hr£90£300£500
    Buttocks½ hr£120£450£680*
    Navel to Pubis ¼ hr£40£135£200
    Feet & Toes¼ hr£45£150£240
    Lip¼ hr£45£160£230
    Chin¼ hr£50£165£270
    Lip & Chin½ hr£70£260£380
    Centre Brow or Earlobes¼ hr£40£160£230
    Sides¼ hr£50£190£300
    Neck ½ hr£90£370£520
    Full Face ¾ hr£130£450£630*
    Half Face½ hr£90£340£520
    Hairline¼ hr£60£230£350
MenTime SingleCourse of 4Course of 6
Shoulders & Tops of Arms¾ hr£120£450£625
Full Back & Neck1 hr£180£680£960*
Upper Back & Shoulders¾ hr£170£630£955*
Lower Back½ hr£125£465£625
Chest½ hr£125£440£600
Beard½ hr£95£380£540

Skin Treatments

Red Veins/Redness/RosaceaTimeSingleCourse of 3 
Single Lesion¼ hr£70£185 
Cheeks¼ hr£99£230 
Cheeks and Nose¼ hr£105£290 
Half Face½ hr£155£405 
Full Face ½ hr£190£500 
Full Face and Neck¾ hr£230£620* 
Full Face and Neck and Chest1 hr£260£700* 
Chest ½ hr£150£400 
Pigmentation/Age Spots/Sun Damage/Skin RejuvenationTimeSingleCourse of 3 
Half Face¼ hr£120£345 
Full Face½ hr£180£500 
Full Face and Neck¾ hr£185£520 
Full Face Neck and Chest 1 hr£300£580* 
Neck½ hr£150£400 
Chest½ hr£170£480 
Hands¼ hr£120£340 
Hands and Arms½ hr£160£460 
AcneTimeSingleCourse of 3Course of 6
Half Face ½ hr£75£205£425
Full Face ¾ hr£140£420£800*
Shoulders½ hr£125£360£700*
Chest ½ hr£125£360£700*

* Payment plans are available for these treatment courses.

Initial Consultation

All clients new to IPL Laser treatments at the clinic must have a one-off Initial Consultation with Patch Test before treatment can commence. This applies to all clients, regardless of them having had IPL treatments at a previous practice.

Introductory Offer

Book a course of treatments and your Initial Consultation with Patch Test is FREE.

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